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We are committed to giving back to our communities and the environment.

Community and Sustainability

We’re a family at Just Add Lime. We work together to challenge the boundaries. We support each other to deliver exceptional results. We strive to create an environment where we all succeed.
We want to ensure the communities we work in and live in also succeed. We believe in the power of education. Through our sponsorships, we are committed to seeing every child provided with choice through education. We reckon that if kids have a good education, then the world is their oyster. With education, kids grow and develop resilience and skills that can see them become almost anything they want to be. It provides choice, and choice is something we think we should all have.

What's more, we strive to make the least impact on our planet as possible and choose to make environmentally friendly choices in all our business environments. Acknowledging that we are a business that has a ‘work from anywhere’ philosophy it is important that these choices not only include our offices, but our virtual offices too. 


We’re always on the lookout for ways we can give back to the community and help out where we can. Relative to our size, we think we do pretty well.

Kids Can

On behalf of each of our team, Just Add Lime sponsors a New Zealand child through the KidsCan Charitable Trust. We know that child poverty is a huge problem and we are pleased to be able to do what we can. KidsCan provide Kiwi kids in need with food, clothing and health items at school so they can get into the classroom and be in the best position to learn. When they join, we ask each team member what region in New Zealand they would like to see their contribution go. This way we support a nationwide spread of children in need, with sponsorships growing as we do.  

Eat My Lunch

All our team and client meetings are fuelled by Eat My Lunch – the New Zealand charity that gives a lunch to a child in need with every meal purchased. One in four Kiwi kids live in poverty and go to school without lunch every day. With a good lunch in their tummies, we know that kids do better, it puts a smile on the face and helps them focus on learning. Eat My Lunch meals are delicious and filling and satisfy even the biggest Just Add Lime appetites and amateur foodies. Plus, the meals are delivered to your workplace.

Eat My Lunch is a fantastic service and we encourage other businesses to buy one give one.  

As a group we have a bucket list of other opportunities to make a difference in our communities so watch this space … not sure who we will “nominate” to run a marathon for a worthy cause but we will keep you posted.


Chook Power

We have a great use for our double-sided paper. It’s  shredded and reused in what we think is the best way possible – Athol’s (Julie’s Dad) chook house. The chooks love the shredded paper in their nesting boxes and it’s great for laying. The eggs keep the whole family supplied and are also used in Diane’s (Julie’s Mum) baking.

When the chook house is cleaned out, the old paper and droppings are collected and put into compost bins. Fast forward a few months and it’s made into lovely rich compost for the most excellent vege garden. There have been some amazing crops from that garden and the size of some of the broccoli has to be seen to be believed. Yeah, we reckon our shredded paper plays a pretty important role in that.

Carbon Management

We all recognise our business can have a fair sized carbon footprint, relative to our size as we travel a bit to work with our clients. We’ve got a number of things we do to help reduce our impact:

  • PT, walk or ride bikes to the office and meetings where it’s practical

  • Use reusable coffee cups and take our own Tupperware container if we’re getting takeaways 

  • Reduce and recycle our waste

  • Turn everything off at night and weekends, ensure air-conditioning units, etc. are regularly maintained so they are as efficient as possible

  • Voluntarily offset the carbon emissions associated with our travel for work on the Air New Zealand network.

  • Track our power consumption and choose an energy supplier that uses a percentage of renewable energy

  • Purchase locally where we can and aim to support local companies

  • Purchase environmentally sustainable cleaning products and toilet tissue

  • Prefer suppliers of IT equipment that have locally available recycling schemes.

We are currently working hard to become a certified B Corp, which has meant a deep dive into all aspects of our business, including our environmental footprint. It’s been a fantastic journey which has required a heap of effort from everyone. This is our first sustainability report and overtime we are aiming to expand what we report on, including how we work with and support our communities.

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