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Business Alignment

People - Your Greatest Asset

You know your people are your greatest asset, and engaging them in the journey is critical for you.  Change may take some of your people beyond their comfort levels and some might not make it.  Others will relish the challenge and grab every opportunity in front of them.

As a leader you want to create a high performance environment where your people know what they need to do, everyone communicates effectively, both inside and outside the team, and the team motivates each other to reach beyond everyday KPIs towards your strategic objectives.

You can utilise our fresh eyes and experience to:

  • Understand how your team ticks through behavioural assessments to discover what really motivates your people and how they communicate best

  • Determine what a high performance team looks like, and through training and development assessments

  • Support a stretch appointment who has huge potential but lacks experience, through on-call mentoring or coaching

  • Review how your organisational structure is supporting your overall business needs and how effective your workforce is in delivering results

  • Provide a confidential sounding board to test new ideas or challenge your current thinking

  • Support you in leading your people through many types of change.

People - Your Greatest Asset

IT Strategy

Your strategic direction has set some critical goals for the business over the next 3-5 years and the use of technology is a fundamental cornerstone to achieving those goals.

There lies the challenge.  An IT strategy that does not align with what the business is trying to achieve is pulling in the wrong direction.

Your IT strategy needs to clearly articulate in plain terms how technology is going to enable and deliver value to the business and what the steps and priorities are that will need to be taken to get there.  The clearer the alignment, the better implementation outcomes you will achieve.

We can support you to:

  • Align your IT strategy with clear actions to achieve the Strategic Direction of your organisation

  • Identify gaps in your IT strategyValidate projects already in the planning pipeline

  • Prioritise projects from your portfolio you choose to do next which have the best alignment with your business objectives

  • Promote your business specific IT projects within your organisation's programme to ensure your project does not get lost in the crowd.

IT Strategy

Technology Roadmap

You can use a technology roadmap to help visually communicate the key priorities, estimated costs and timing of your IT strategy.  It’s a great tool for gaining consensus about the technology needs of the business and provides a framework to help plan and coordinate technology implementation over a longer term, without producing screeds of paper.

We have practical experience in:

  • Developing a visual technology Roadmap to plan out where to take your systems in the future

  • Prioritising IT initiatives based on your technology roadmap and an understanding of your business objectives

Technology Roadmap

Business Systems

We have all experienced the frustrations of working with systems that aren’t quite working the way we intended.  It may be that over time, system user knowledge in your organisation has diminished, the business needs have changed, or your tools haven’t kept pace with your business processes.

Optimising your existing systems or choosing and implementing a new one is a big step which needs a considered approach.

You can tap into our experience in Asset Management Systems, GIS, SCADA, Finance Systems, HR Systems, Billing Systems, and Telephony.

We can help you take a practical approach to:

  • Identifying how your current systems can be optimised for best value

  • Using your systems to automate processes making your operation more efficient

  • Undertaking a systems needs analysis

  • Evaluating and selecting a new system 

  • Implementation of new modules or systems

  • Developing a Systems Improvement plan based on your business requirements, timeframes and budget

Business Systems

Business Processes

Great people and great systems don’t necessarily lead to an efficient and effective business.  Your management, operational, and supporting business processes influence how your people simply get things done on a day-to-day basis. 

It’s important to achieve a good balance between processes that efficiently enable your day-to-day operations and empower your people and those that are put in place to help manage your business risk.

We can help you understand which activities are performed in the course of a process, which groups of people participate in process execution, what input and output data is used, what IT systems are utilised, and which events and risks occur during process execution.

We can work with you to:

  • Identify critical processes to gain a full understanding of a process from end to end

  • Identify objectives, risks, and key controls within a process and its execution

  • Interview stakeholders to understand the user perspective and gain insights into what works well and what doesn’t and test 
    potential redesigned processes

  • Undertake analysis and redesign, utilising tools and approaches to make the process work more effectively and efficiently

  • Graphically represent your core processes

  • Implement and embed your improved processes back into the business.

Busness Processes

Business Information and Reporting

Your organisation will be utilising IT systems to gather a swathe of data about your assets and your business generally, whether with designed intent or by default.  Recording information can be expensive so reviewing what information you really need and why, is a valuable exercise, particularly as business priorities change.

We can help you unlock the value in this data by identifying ways to efficiently capture and present this information to decision makers so that better operational and strategic decisions can be made.  

We bring a fresh perspective to:

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Business Intelligence

  • Designing reports and dashboards from the data you gather in your course of business and make it work for you

  • Asset hierarchy design

  • Data specifications, cleansing and optimisation

Business Information and Reporting

Health Check Reviews

We all need a health check from time to time, and your business is no different.  It’s a great way of tracking your progress over time and identifying the critical areas that you need to be really good at.

There are a number of frameworks available to assess where you are now (current state), where you want to be in the future (desired future state) and the actions required to reach the appropriate level of maturity for your organisation or team.

We have extensive experience in undertaking:

  • Asset Management Plan reviews

  • Asset management capability reviews

  • International best practice reviews

  • WSAA Asset Management reviews

  • ISO 55000 type assessments

Health Check Reviews
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