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Bring your perspective to our mix

Join the Just Add Lime team

Can you add an extra element to our mix?

At Just Add Lime, we bring together a unique mix of experiences, ideas and tools to provide a consultancy for clients that want to be on the leading edge. Our team is diverse in their backgrounds, insights and ideas, and it’s this mix and the way we bring together people, ideas and tools that enables us to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

We started out in 2015 with a vision to build a consultancy that enabled organisations across New Zealand and Australia to perform, progress and generate lasting change. Today, we are delivering on that with a breadth of expertise to challenge each other’s thinking, an inspiring team that has the insight to look for ideas in new places, and a company-wide belief in harnessing our clients’ knowledge and experience to add to the mix.

To continue to build on these foundations, we need people who are the best in their fields. We want people who inspire us and our clients, we want individuals that think on the edge and challenge the status quo and we want people that naturally connect with clients. 

A bit about us

With a growing team, it’s important to have a clear plan, which is why we know where we’re headed for the next five years. We are a social, yet focused bunch and enjoy sharing our professional expertise, as well as getting to know each other outside of work. We do this by working in teams, getting together for our quarterly team meetings, working across different offices (and from remote locations!) and sharing our serious and fun sides during our off site business planning days, which just happened to be in Queenstown in 2018, and in 2020 we jumped on board an America’s Cup Yacht, where we worked hard on the grinders to hoist and trim the sails, conquering the Waitematā Harbour.

Just Add Lime directors on Americas Cup

Our culture and values

It’s important to live our values while we grow, and it may sound cliché, but our values truly do form a fundamental part of how we operate and the culture we have. Our values apply to both the way we work with our clients, and how we work with each other. They are: 

Challenge Boundaries - We welcome the unfamiliar and encourage different thinking. Don’t leave your individuality at the door, that individuality brings a fresh perspective and keeps us one step ahead. Thrive on challenges and embrace the unknown, say yes and work out how, while honouring what is important to our clients. 

Collaborative Spirit - Pitch in, roll up your sleeves, put your gumboots on and jump on in utilising all of your talents not just the ones written in your job description. We are all personally driven, motivated and focused, but we know that our best work comes from teamwork. So raid the brain food cupboard, grab a comfy seat, and throw around some ideas. 

Do the Right Thing, Every Time - This is your workplace, your work family. Have the courage to challenge when things don’t seem right by having the tough conversations – whether it’s with ourselves or our clients. Don’t stand back or beat around the bush, say it how it is, express your opinion, get involved. 

Take Action - We aim high and deliver exceptional results. Step up and take accountability, persevere and strive to create an environment where we all succeed.  

Our client focused culture is created through initiatives such as a move away from utilisation targets to recognition of company contribution, and by the way we encourage collaboration, and spend time to get to know our clients. What’s more, every day our directors demonstrate our client focus with their active involvement in winning work, leading projects and on the job mentoring to the Just Add Lime team. 

A taste of what to expect

We are committed to supporting our team through their career journey and aim for Just Add Lime to be a preferred employer. Along with a culture we are proud of, we also offer: 

  • $500 wellness allowance, for a wide range of personal wellness activities i.e. gym membership, mole check etc. 

  • Day off on your birthday

  • Eligibility to apply for specialised training after five-years continuous service  

  • Contribution towards professional membership fees 

  • Flexible working, including flexi-time, time to watch kids sports, work from home etc. 

  • Option to prorate your FTE salary over reduced hours, such as 51 weeks a year or a 9 day fortnight. 


We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

If you can add to our mix and can see your future with Just Add Lime, get in touch today.

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