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A splash of new thinking, a measure of strategy and an endless supply of support.

This is how we work with you.


Setting Direction

We all need a clear sense of where we are going, what the final destination looks like and what we need to do to get there.

You may be new to your role, or just feel it’s the right time to “step it up” and lead your people to the next level.

Taking some time out to reflect, reset and reprioritise what’s important will re-energise your team’s commitment to achieving your business objectives.

We can support you in setting your strategic direction, developing your business plan to drive action and implementing policy and governance that supports good decision making.

Business Alignment

Your strategic direction is set, the first question your people will ask is how are we going to get there, and what is my role in making it happen?  It’s your bus!  What do you, as a leader, need to put in place to support your people to deliver exceptional results?

Mapping out how you are going to move forward and how each person contributes will harness all of the potential across your people to provide a sense of ownership and achievement.

Every person we know comes to work to do a great job!

In our experience the greatest day-to-day frustrations come from the misalignment of your core business systems, and the processes and practices that enable your people to simply get things done.

We understand and we can help connect the threads that need to  come together to align your business to your strategic direction.

Better Decision Making

We all make decisions every day!

It’s worth considering the level of confidence you really need to have in your decision-making outputs.

From choosing the right coffee beans (this could have bigger implications than you think!) to investing in a large infrastructure project which needs funding approval.

Considering your needs, what quality are the inputs?  Was the analysis comprehensive enough?  How were the options validated?  Who is depending on this information and why?

The answers depend on the level of confidence you need to make an effective decision.

We can help you step back and evaluate your decision-making frameworks, optimise your portfolio investment and work with you to develop the necessary trade off decision approaches.

Effective Planning

Your organisation is likely to have developed a myriad of plans each with a well-intended purpose.  Some will have fallen short of the mark and will be sitting on the shelves of offices.

Why, you ask?  We think it's because we often write to record information not to communicate what we intend to do concisely.

Developing graphical summaries of key content or utilising tools such as GIS to display projects around the community will help you communicate your intentions much better.

Improving from where you are now won’t happen by accident.  It takes a clear focus, targeted effort and a continuous cycle of review, action and improvement over time.

Connecting People & Communities

People and communities are at the core of what you do – whether it’s providing a service, or developing and managing infrastructure, you do it for people and the communities in which you live, work and play. It’s equally as important that you work closely with other stakeholders who are key to helping you achieve your objectives.

By understanding each other, organisations can better develop projects and manage infrastructure to address the needs of communities, their aspirations and concerns.  In return, communities gain a better understanding of organisations, why you do what you do, what you do and how you do it.

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