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Principal - Infrastructure Advisory

Richard Donnelly

With a PhD in Enterprise Risk Management, Richard has a passion for helping clients make sense of complexity, reduce uncertainty, and enable better decision making to realise objectives. He is most inspired when collaborating with knowledgeable and committed professionals to develop innovative and impactful solutions to complex organisational problems, where he adds value as an articulate sense maker, an adaptable technical leader, a collaborative and pragmatic problem solver, and a calm and valued sounding board.


Richard has a diverse range of experience, having worked with public and private sector clients across a range of sectors, including local government infrastructure, health, defence, hospitality, construction and transport, and delivering services in the areas of enterprise risk management, risk management, asset and facilities management, system safety assurance, management systems and operating model development, and business process review and improvement. Having rarely done the same thing more than once, Richard is adept at getting up to speed quickly and able to bring his broad experience to bear productively on the problem at hand.


When not at work, Richard enjoys great culinary experiences, travelling and exploring new locations.

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