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Our Team


Principal - Social Sustainability and Planning

Julie Boucher

Leading the Social Sustainability and Planning practice at Just Add Lime, Julie has a passion for working with organisations to build and develop connections with communities. With a collaborative approach and creative leadership skills, Julie brings together the right people and the right tools at the right time in a winning formula.


As a qualified Environmental Planner, Community Engagement and Social Impact Assessment specialist with formal Project Management qualifications and experience, Julie brings a uniquely broad range of skills and depth of experience to support project development and delivery. Having worked in the public and private sector as well as consultancy, Julie also understands what drives organisations and what that means for projects. She has worked in transportation, resources, defence, aviation and education sectors within both New Zealand and Australia. Julie is also responsible for guiding and supporting the company's growth through people, planning, process and overall operational excellence.


Julie hatched the concept of the brain food cupboard at Just Add Lime. This is where you go to grab a snack before heading to the comfy seats to chill out or get the creative ideas flowing. She is also known for bringing baking into the office and if you get in early enough you might even be able to make a request.

Our people, your team.

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