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Our Team


Principal - Infrastructure Advisory

Christine Allard

Christine comes from the west of New Zealand, Australia. Hailing from the Nation’s Capital, Canberra, she has over 20 years experience in business management. If you need a practical approach to your business needs or problems, this is her area of expertise. She has a focus on getting the best business results through delivering a client focus through people leadership. Bringing out the best in people is her forte.


Christine has worked in the consulting world for most of her career and as a result has developed a broad knowledge base over many industries and environments. The last almost 5 years she spent in charge of all infrastructure, capital works to maintenance, and support services at the Australian National University. This has given her a real insight to the ‘client side’ and rounded out her appreciation of the entire client/consultant relationship. She knows as a client what she wants and therefore as a consultant, what the client expects.


Outside of the work environment Christine loves travel – anywhere really and counts her Russian venture amongst one of the best though Nepal may soon overtake that one, time will tell. Cooking, baking and cake decorating are a great brain break from work and her 5 grandchildren keep her young at heart even if the body feels exhausted.

Our people, your team.

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