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Our Team


Senior - Social Sustainability

Aaron Hutching

With a strong background in engagement and consultation, Aaron is passionate about connecting projects with the communities they affect. From roads to cycleways, Aaron has wide-ranging experience supporting infrastructure delivery across Auckland. Aaron is an enthusiastic collaborator, is IAP2 certified, and has a natural understanding of project drivers and the challenges of effective engagement.


An empathetic approach and a flair for concise, unfussy communication help him connect with audiences of all varieties. Aaron is comfortable leading a community workshop, developing eye-catching ways to present information, or planning and documenting your ideal communication strategy.


Outside of work, Aaron spends time with his young family, works his way through an ever-increasing list of must-watch and must-reads, and occasionally disappears to the garage to brew beer. He cycles most places because it’s an easy way to get around and it connects him with his city.

Our people, your team.

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