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Training and Facilitation

Building capability through training. Enabling results through facilitation.

Just Add Lime has nationally Qualified Trainers in Community Engagement, Procurement and Asset Management. We have provided training and facilitation across a broad range of government sectors, including prisons, education, defence, health, transportation, water, mining and energy.  We also provide trainers for local government, NGO’s and other organisations through face to face and online industry training (via IPWEA and NAMS). 

Our qualified trainers support your capability requirements and upskilling of your teams through nationally recognised assessments in New Zealand Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management, New Zealand Certificate in Procurement, BTechEng Asset Management and IAP2 Australasia community and stakeholder engagement training.  Our trainers lead you through the education pathway for these qualifications and support your learning through teaching, verification and assessment.  Our role is to help you succeed and grow your knowledge and understanding of these disciplines. Working within large and small organisations, our trainers provide tailored learning to meet your requirements and provide value for money. Our assessors are accredited with NZQA to assess unit standards, which form the NZ Certificate in Procurement, the NZ Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management, the new BTechEng Degree in Asset Management and IAP2 Australasia training.  

Our students have very high success rates as we work closely with them to gather evidence and provide learning opportunities within their workplaces and in a training environment.  In organisations where capability in a specific discipline area may need improvement or upskilling, we tailor the course and learning outcomes for these groups to ensure that courses are relevant and specific to their organisational needs.  We also travel to your location. This is a cost-effective option for organisations who have limited budgets for training and development. Facilitation Through our facilitation, Just Add Lime helps to shapesand guide the process of working together so that clients can meet their goals and accomplish what they’ve set out to do.  We provide objective and highly experienced facilitators to assist clients in developing a successful decision, solution or conclusion. Our experience is across Government sectors and in the areas of Strategy, Management Frameworks and Planning.  

Our facilitators work with your team members or groups to focus on how to move through a process and to draw out the ideas and views from people. We take the time to work with you to design and implement a meeting strategy or workshop that is focused on achieving the outcome whether it is management improvements, framework development, planning or strategy.  We can also create team bonding and cohesion activities. We then follow up to ensure the facilitation met your outcomes and any next steps that you may need. Just Add Lime are able to be truly independent during facilitation, we have no contractual relationships with large consultants or contractors which could influence your outcomes or decision-making process. Our pre and post facilitation liaison with our clients ensures they reach the best outcome.

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