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Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency

Rural Road Audits

Providing expertise in a collaborative way to keep the programme on track

To ensure the NZTA Investment Audit Programme kept on track while facing a staff capacity gap, NZTA approached Just Add Lime to not only complete some of the rural road technical audits on their behalf, but also set up a way to outsource this type of work in a practical way and with consistent results.   The aim of the programme is to ensure the investment from NZTA is being soundly invested. 

As the programme has always been completed internally, one of the most important aspects was to collectively develop an approach that would enable the NZTA Audit and Assurance team a way to outsource the work in the future, should they need. As responded with a detailed proposal to work through potential issues, including a template they could confidently use in the future when engaging other external providers.  To reduce the disruption and risk of having an external provider carry out the work, we provided an on-site auditor, which enabled their permanent staff to focus on the overall objectives, team workload and bringing on a new team member.   

Furthermore, we provided a breadth and depth of technical expertise to provide NZTA with a safe pair of hands. Our technical expertise spans transport network maintenance and management, underpinned by a robust understanding of current industry practices, including rural networks.  As the programme included a group of people who don’t usually work together, and a tight timeframe, Just Add Lime brought together the team through early communication, asking challenging questions, matching skills and strong planning in advance of the audit.   

Ultimately, the programme was kept to schedule, meaning that Council were given assurance of their audit timing and feedback, allowing minimal disruption to their activities. 

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