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Christchurch City Council

Retaining Walls Renewals Prioritisation

Creating clarity for the prioritisation of unexpected works

When faced with an unexpected and significant increase in ownership of retaining walls following a post-earthquake audit, Christchurch City Council worked with Just Add Lime to create a clear procedure and roadmap as to how they would prioritise the remediation works required – no small feat considering the unexpected costs, complex processes and risk management involved.  

By empowering Christchurch City Council to draw on its internal knowledge, collectively Just Add Lime and the Transport team at Council were able to develop the most effective, relevant and integrated process for creating the draft procedure. Close and trusted relationships, our expertise in unwinding complex processes, facilitation of engaging workshops and utilising independent yet complementary experts in processes and risk management were just some of the tools and resources that created the right mix to deliver the best outcome for the Council.   

Christchurch City Council now has a clear roadmap of the process and actions required to improve this unexpected remedial workload and increase value for money to the ratepayers. The learnings from this prioritisation process will be applied across other transport assets within the Council. 

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