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CHASNZ (Construction Health & Safety NZ)

Pre-qualification system for Construction Health & Safety

Establishing a new system to create efficiencies in the construction industry

CHASNZ’s mission is to raise the standard of health and safety across the New Zealand construction industry and central to this mission was an ambitious project to revolutionise procurement in the New Zealand construction industry by standardising the health and safety pre-qualification management system.  Just Add Lime, having established a reputation with CHASNZ for quality and trustworthiness, was chosen to work with them on this project.  At that time, the proliferation of non-standardised pre-qualification approaches was creating inefficiency and uncertainty in the industry. CHASNZ’s objective was to introduce a single standardised prequalification system to simplify and reduce the pre-qualification burden, achieve consistency, and provide a robust foundation for continuous improvement.  

The project included the delivery of: Health and Safety Pre-qualification Core Criteria and Quesitonnaire Pre-qualification assessment process and assessor competency framework. Cross-recognition of recognised pre-qualification and management systems  Define the requirements for a new umbrella organisation to administer the pre-qualification standard and associated registration schemes. Define the requirements for an onine portal to support the pre-qualification process and registration scheme. Implementation Plan The project would utilise the solution already implemented in the United Kingdom - UK Standard PAS 91 and Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP), customising as required to meet the specific requirements (regulatory and operational) in New Zealand and making enhancements based on the UK experiences since implementation was completed. 

We worked closely with CHASNZ to refine the concept solution for the pre-qualification system and how it would be delivered. Working groups were established to consider what the standard questionarrie would contain, how the umbrella organisaiton would operate and how the registration scheme would work. Buyers and suppliers were represented in these groups. A final workshop with Just Add Lime and CHASNZ was completed to finalise the implementation plan for the new organisation. Following the workshops when the final deliverables were being completed, the project team continued to engage with key stakeholders to ensure the project stayed on track.   A suite of Tōtika documents were delivered to CHASNZ ready for the new organisation to be established and a national standard to be setup.   

Just Add Lime contributed to the success of this project by creating a co-operative environment for the client, working group and project team to discuss and workshop the complex elements required for the deliverables.  This environment, the skills and experience of the team members and a can-do attitude ensured a quality deliverable for the client.  The success of the project was confirmed when the deliverables were endorsed by the CHASNZ Board and the projects Working Group.

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