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Pacific Reef Industries

Participatory SIA - Alva Beach Prawn Farm

Achieving social best practice certification through robust p-SIA

Demonstrating environmental and social best practice is especially important to Pacific Reef Fisheries, so gaining Aquaculture Stewardship Council accreditation for their Alva Beach Prawn Farm was a priority. A part of this was to undertake a participatory Social Impact Assessment (p-SIA) to assess the community related aspects of the project, which Just Add Lime undertook. ASC is a global organisation working to promote the best environmental and social choice practices in aquaculture, and Pacific Reef Fisheries became the first prawn supplier in Australia to become certified. 

Part of their requirements to gain certification was to undertake a p-SIA and then prepare a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.  To complete the p-SIA, Just Add Lime tailored a methodology that recognised their 20 years of operation and strict environmental controls, which meant we were able to modify the SIA methodology to one that suited the farm rather than just adopt the methodology in the standard which was cumbersome, costly and would take too long to undertake. A close working relationship was a key to the project’s success, with Just Add Lime working closely with the team at Pacific Reef Fisheries to gain a solid understanding of their stakeholders and the best ways to maximise participation. 

Once the p-SIA Report was reviewed and submitted, we were able to support Pacific Reef Industries in responding to questions from ASC auditors – helping them to gain certification.  While the p-SIA was required for the certification, Pacific Reef Fisheries noted that it has also helped to further strengthen their community focus through creating and strengthening their relationships and engaging with the community. Furthermore, the information was used in the formalisation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan – something also required for ASC certification and which Just Add Lime assisted with.  Since receiving ASC certification, Pacific Reef Industries have won the Australian Prawn Farmers Association Prawn Farming Sustainability Program Award.

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