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Ideas in action - our work


Waikato Regional Council

Operational Improvement Roadmap

Bringing together the right ingredients to deliver

To enable the Lower Waikato Operations team to improve services to the community, we developed an assessment tool and operational improvement roadmap to give them a powerful way to develop a structured operational improvement program that delivers the most value.   

We brought together a team across operations, asset management, risk and systems, along with the appropriate tools, and created a bespoke solution that was tailored for operations.  The key focus was on the ‘delivery’ of their operational activities, beyond the planning.  Our approach assessed operational strategy, documentation and business systems, tools and the competency and qualifications of the team to deliver the services. This assessment was then used to support a wider business case, which was successful, to firstly understand the current state and maturity of the operations in the Lower Waikato Team, and secondly to develop an operational improvement roadmap.   

Moving from a lack of understanding to a clear operations wide approach, the Lower Waikato Operations team is now better enabled to deliver value to the community.

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