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Ideas in action - our work


Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency

Corridor Management Plans

Presenting complex information to tell the customer story

Having worked with Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency to develop their strategic direction, policy and strategy for Highways Network Operations, we went on to recommend a new approach to asset management planning for highways. 

The entire state highways network was documented, having been split into 30 journey specific corridors. The process of assessing the corridors included a visual inspection of the entire length of the highways network by drive-over.  To allow a number of asset condition and performance measures to be compared side by side, we developed linear infographics to present the information that allowed a large amount of data to be presented in a relatively small footprint.   This enabled a holistic outcome focused approach to planning, where all assets within a corridor were considered together when planning for asset operations, maintenance and renewals.  This was combined with compelling story-telling to build a picture of the location specific issues within the corridor and to describe the appropriate response.  

We brought together a range of experiences across strategy, transport, communications and visual presentation to work with our client on this innovative project. 

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