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Auckland Transport

Consultation for Franklin Road Improvements

Building trust through the sharing of information

Consulting with the Franklin Road community has been a key focus for Auckland Transport as they undertake an upgrade to this important connection between Ponsonby and Auckland’s CBD. With over 14,000 cars, buses and heavy vehicles using the road per day and with heritage and cultural value, it is a significant road that requires effective consultation and communication with residents, users and utility providers. What’s more, with a ‘dig-once’ approach, the complexity of the consultation and communication increased.  

Just Add Lime worked with Auckland Transport to plan and deliver the consultation with those affected and interested, starting this process early so that people had the opportunity to project feedback on specific areas of the proposed design and construction timeframes.  Pivotal to the success was the creation of Community Liaison Groups, an idea generated from the need to approach the project differently and embrace the unknown. The groups discussed project decisions and milestones which they then shared with the wider community.  This sharing of information built trust and enabled a smoother delivery of the project. Groups included Franklin Road residents, Freemans Bay Residents Association, Cycle Action Auckland and the Waitemata Local Board. Early consultation was also undertaken with utility providers Watercare, Vector, Chorus and Auckland Council Stormwater to ensure they incorporate their upgrade works at the same time.  

Just Add Lime was able to provide strategic advice as well as hands-on delivery of the communication and consultation for this high profile project.

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