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Department of Conservation

Asset Management Plan review and refresh

Bringing together the right mix in a tight timeframe

Pressured by a short timeframe, Department of Conservation approached us to review and refresh their Recreation and Heritage Asset Management Plan, which is used to support their investment proposals and provide visibility of their decision around asset priorities. 

In response to the client's need for a fast turnaround, we recommended an initial light review of their Asset Management Plan followed by a refresh of agreed priority areas.  It was all hands on deck as we brought together a strong mix of expertise from the Just Add Lime team, as well as a willing client that worked closely alongside us in a pressured environment.  Starting with getting a clear understanding of the requirements of the organisation, we reviewed and refreshed the Asset Management Plan, going on to updating the financials and presenting the complex information and competing priorities in a simpler way. 

Department of Conservation now has a solid base to build on and a clearer direction, which was created in a tight timeframe and collaborative environment.

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