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NZ Government - The Treasury

Asset Management Maturity

Robust and transparent stewardship of public funds

With the aim of strengthening NZ Government agencies ability to manage their assets and supporting investments, Treasury established the Investor Confidence rating (ICR) framework.  This is a three-yearly assessment of the performance of investment-intensive agencies in managing investments and assets that are critical to the delivery of NZ government services.   

We independently assess and rate the progress of identified NZ Government departments and agencies in their progress towards appropriate levels of asset management maturity.  These results are incorporated with other elements into a total Investor Confidence Rating for the organisation.  The ICR provides an indication of the level of confidence that investors (such as Cabinet and Ministers) can have in an agency’s ability to realise a promised investment result if funding was committed. We bring together a blended team of experienced assessors to lead the identified agencies through the assessment of its asset management systems and processes. We provide a wide variety of real-life examples across a range of disciplines and asset portfolios, as well as facilitate interactive workshops to encourage and develop asset management understanding and ownership.  

By doing this we are able to contribute to the improvement in Government entity understanding and visibility of current and desirable Asset Management practice.

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