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Our Team


Office Assistant

Ella Boucher

Working in the school holidays as the Office Assistant, Ella is learning about working in an office, saving money and what it means to have a ‘real job’. It certainly gives her something different to talk about when she gets back to school. Ella helps out with lots of small jobs in the office. She has scanned a lot of receipts and documents for us to help us get everything online in the cloud. No paper for this office! Every holidays Ella prepares a new Health and Safety presentation making sure we are looking after ourselves. She has us up doing exercises and reminds us we should be doing it more often. She is good at coffee orders and happily finds new local cafes to fulfil our orders.


Coming to Auckland from Whangarei each holidays Ella also gets to sample the extra fun a large city can provide – and it’s not sitting in traffic! Gold Class movies are a must each holidays as is exploring shopping malls, cafes and even flying to Wellington for the day (that was a big surprise!).

Our people, your team.

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