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Principal - Social Scientist

Rachel Maas

As our Principal - Social Scientist, Rachel has 17 years’ experience conducting Social Impact Assessments (SIAs) and community engagement projects covering land and marine infrastructure, resource development and aquaculture projects in urban, rural and remote communities. This includes over 30 SIAs under relevant State legislation across Australia and a growing list of projects in New Zealand. From her SIA and community engagement experience, Rachel has developed an understanding of project challenges and opportunities from a variety of stakeholder perspectives. This includes from those people directly impacted - landholders, indigenous parties; people responsible for regulating the development - local, state and federal government; and proponents who want to develop a project - resource development and infrastructure companies or government agencies.


Rachel is able to apply her experience to the SIA process and work with project proponents and communities across the life of a project, from planning (including environmental approvals), construction, operation and closure to identify, manage and monitor social impact and opportunities. Rachel’s work was recently recognised by becoming a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP), Impact Assessment Specialist. Always endeavouring to develop better quality SIAs, Rachel is currently studying her Masters of Evaluation through Melbourne University.


The sailor within the team, Rachel can tell you some great stories about sailing the Bass Strait and raising a family on a boat.

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