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Senior – Infrastructure Advisory and Social Sustainability

Mike Jacobson

Mike’s experience working on both the design and client side of infrastructure development gives him added insight into what it takes to plan and make decisions – and the numerous considerations involved. Mike is a problem solver at heart and thrives on bringing people together to create solutions that are both technically sound and able to be put into action. Ensuring what is created is ‘useable’ is something Mike strongly believes in.

Starting out as a Chartered Engineer, Mike then built on this technical expertise as a team leader at Christchurch City Council, responsible for asset planning. His local government experience means he can walk in the clients’ shoes. Mike is now fully versed in the process of short, medium and long term asset management planning, and has championed improvement programmes, from problem diagnosis to enabling the people, process, data and systems to make it happen. He has skills in communicating to different audiences, whether it be providing detailed information to engineers or the social impacts projects to communities.

Mike is known as a forward thinker, committed to continuous improvement and someone who enables organisations to build on their successes. He is open, communicative, proactive and he helps people to make better decisions at the right time.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys playing guitar, tramping and woodwork. You may also find him helping out at the local community shed.

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