If one person can create outstanding results, imagine the possibilities with the right mix of experiences, ideas and tools.

With the breadth of expertise to challenge each other’s thinking, the insight to look for ideas in new places, and the belief in harnessing our clients’ knowledge and experience, Just Add Lime is a consultancy for clients that want to be on the leading edge.

Just Add Lime are strategic advisors who add new elements to your mix, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. We challenge boundaries, work as one team, have courage, and take action.

It’s this combination that enables us to help organisations across New Zealand and Australia perform, progress and generate lasting change.

Often the answers are closer than you think and it’s Just Add Lime who will ask the right questions, work hard to understand your needs and develop a bespoke approach to take you there.

What we do

We work with you to help set direction and work out where you are heading, align the business to the strategic direction, support better decision making, undertake effective planning, and connect people and communities – whether they be internal to the organisation or external.  Our team have experience across a broad range of sectors, including health, transportation, water, education, defence, mining and energy.

Founded in 2015, Just Add Lime has grown to what it is today by identifying specialists who are the best in their field - people who will inspire, challenge and support you to bring the best to your organisation. With two industry experts, Sara Dennis and Julie Boucher, leading the business, Just Add Lime is set to continue to expand across New Zealand and Australia, while retaining the agility and dynamic nature our clients know us for.

Create your future with Just Add Lime in the mix.

Working with us, you might experience some or all of the following:

A challenge.

We may well bring something unfamiliar to the table to encourage different thinking and embrace the unknown. The individuality of team members will be harnessed to bring a fresh perspective.

A lot of collaboration.

We are all about harnessing everyone’s talents and while we are all personally driven, motivated and focused, we know that our best work comes from teamwork. Expect to be offered a seat at the table to throw some ideas around.

Courage and Integrity.

We will do the right thing, every time. We have the courage to challenge when things don’t seem right by having the tough conversations – often with ourselves, sometimes with you. We're not going to stand back or beat around the bush and we don’t expect you to. We want to hear your opinions – say it how it is, express your opinion, get involved.

A lot of action.

We aim high and deliver results. We take accountability, persevere and strive to create an environment where we all succeed – as a team. Once we have set a course for action it’s all hands on deck honouring that course.

A Challenge


Courage &


Take action


Thinking Out Loud

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